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Communitec is pioneering the age of the Smart Home, with Fully Integrated Control systems that offer simple, intuitive and user friendly solutions. Our home automation packages allow you to control all the features of your home such as heating, security lighting and audio-visual devices from one simple device such as an iPad, iPhone or from one of our stylish, cutting-edge handheld devices. We are Authorised Distributors of Savant – the leading system in Smart Home Control.

Savant Pro Remote x2

The Pro Remote is Savant’s most popular and best-selling remote for good reason. The Pro Remote is able to control devices across the entirety of your home: from turning the lights on across the house, to playing a soundtrack throughout. The Pro Remote also features intelligent voice control, so you can speak commands to turn your TV on or your music off. The remote has also been masterfully crafted, combing premium design with intuitive functionality – The Pro Remote doesn’t simply look impressive, it is the very definition of cutting-edge control

Savant App

The Savant app is the simplest way to access your Smart Home. With an intuitive interface, you can activate any iOS or Android device connected to your home network and customise the in-app experience to suit your everyday life.

The app also affords you the ability to monitor and control your whole-home system from anywhere in the world, remotely – and with very little configuration – allowing for complete peace of mind.

Savant Wall Station

Savant has released an integrated in-wall touch screen, giving you a small controller dedicated to each room. These Savant Wall Stations come in two differing screen sizes 5.5 and 8 inch and act as a central command system for individual rooms or for devices across your home.

Some of the brands that integrate with Savant

Nest, Amina Speakers, Lutron Lighting, Samsung, Sony, Heatmiser, Aquavision, Sonos