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Lighting and Shading

Automated, responsive lighting and shading creates amazing ambient moodscapes. At Communitec we integrate smart lighting solutions to create a contemporary elegance which is only made possible through the synthesis of natural and artificial lighting. Our lighting and shading packages fully integrate with the rest of your home automation; enabling you remote control of your blinds and curtains. As certified installers of multiple brands of lighting systems (including Lutron) we ensure you enjoy unparalleled quality, and un-equalled control over the look and feel of your home lighting.

Lighting Scenes

The right lighting can enhance any room. Through installing our smart lighting and control systems, you will be able to create specific lighting conditions to perfectly suit certain times of day and events (such as “Cinema Experience” or “Party”). These pre-sets can begin at the touch of a button. For example, you can set all lights to switch off when you go to sleep or gently open your automated blinds and curtains when you wake up. With our lighting and control solutions, you’ll always have the perfect setting.

Smart Integration

Communitec can link all of our lighting solutions to home-automation systems – allowing your lights to be remote controlled, through a single handset or mobile device. Moreover, these systems allow control of your lighting whether you’re home or away, so you can imitate occupancy while you’re on holiday, or ensure that all the lights are turned off so that no energy is being wasted.
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Shading Control

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Communitec offers a range of automated blinds from industry leaders such as Lutron, Q Motion. These blinds can be controlled through an integrated smart remote system and can even be programmed to open and close at specific times in accordance with your daily routine. For example, your blinds can be set to close automatically as you set your alarm to leave your home, giving you peace of mind that your home isn’t on display.