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Home Cinema

At Communitec we work with the highest quality displays to create unparalleled cinematic experiences. We install entire home cinemas, hidden screens as well as full 5.1 or 7.2 Surround Sound. Coupled with our Smart Control solutions, you can control your entire cinema setup with your tablet, phone, or dedicated remote control.

Experience all the joys of a professional cinema in the comfort of your own home.

Cinema Solutions

Cinema-Grade TVs

Communitec ensures excellence – we install world-leading, high-definition, 4K and 3D cinema-grade Smart TVs. Whether you’re wanting a drop-down screen or a cinema-grade TV we’re able to setup cinema rooms to your exact specification so that you can enjoy your viewing whether you’re hosting a movie night or catching up on your favourite series.

HD Projectors

Leading projector brands now offer a wide range of high-definition units which can project 4K just like at the cinema. Communitec’s expertise enables us to select the projector that is right for your home – making sure its durable, high-quality and links correctly with your control system. Once we have the right projector we can discretely install them onto ceilings, or into the joinery of your cinema room.

Surround Sound

High quality sound is essential for any true cinematic experience. Communitec installs all major speaker brands including Amina Invisible Speakers, in full 5.1 or 7.2 arrangements so you can enjoy full cinematic surround sound in your home. Be enthralled by cinematic sound and never miss a note when enjoying your favourite film’s soundtrack.

Lighting & Shading

Perfect lighting and shading enhances every cinematic experience. Our remotely controlled intelligent lighting solutions transform your viewing experience creating a fully immersive environment. Whether you’re watching TV, hosting a film night, or even gaming, make sure you get the most out of your entertainment with the perfect lighting and blind control.

Cinema Design

Communitec have years of experience creating unique cinema rooms that are not only filled with the highest quality cinema technology, but also which are great rooms to spend time in. From sound proofing, to specialist furnishings we have teamed up with some of the finest suppliers in the industry to create a cinema room which is bespoke to your exact requirements and ideal for enjoying all of your favourite content.